Stotties Auto Detailing at Ellicott City, Maryland, specializes in the transforming art of paint correction, so you may take your vehicle's appearance to new heights. Our trained specialists use innovative techniques and cutting-edge equipment to precisely remove flaws from your car's paintwork like as swirl marks, scratches, and fading. We meticulously restore the paint's original depth and shine using this procedure, ensuring that your car regains a showroom-worthy gloss that turns heads and retains its value.

Paint Correction In Ellicott City, Marryland

What is paint correction?

Paint Correction is a laborious technique that aims to restore a vehicle’s paintwork to its original state. Imperfections like swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation are painstakingly removed using skilled procedures, revealing a beautiful finish that nearly mimics its original form.

Paint correction is a step-by-step process in which qualified experts examine the quality of the paint, use specialized instruments to delicately abrade the clear coat, and gradually polish the surface. This procedure not only improves the appearance but also addresses small flaws, resulting in a polished and revitalized appearance.

Aside from visual enhancements, paint correction increases a vehicle’s resale value significantly. This method demonstrates precise care and attention to detail by restoring the paint’s brilliance and eradicating defects, making your car more appealing to potential purchasers and keeping its charm for years to come.

The benefits of paint correction?

While many may refer to it as buffing, cutting, or even polishing the paintwork – we level out these imperfections until you have greater clarity and enhanced gloss. When we polish and correct your car’s paint, what we’re removing are thousands of tiny scratches. These slight flaws in design can be attributed to improper washing or drying techniques which leave them as swirl marks on any painted surface!

While most people go for the standard clear-based hand wash at their local car wash or drive-through, they are causing contaminants that get stuck onto your paintwork This results in thousands of microscopic scratches on their finish during the process; these add up over time, too, creating an obvious problem called swirl marks!

When a wash mitt or microfibre towel falls on the ground and picks up debris and dirt, you can be guaranteed to Inflict swirl marks Into the paint’s surface. There are a number of other things that can cause these tiny scratches on the finish of the paint, all too often people do not clean out their buckets properly, the grit and dirt can sit on the bottom of the bucket and when the wash mitt is mixed in the water, it picks up these hard deposits that get dragged across the paint’s surface cause tiny scratches. 


The benefits of paint correction?

Restored Appearance

Paint correction is the process of removing undesirable imperfections such as swirl marks, scratches, and wet spots from the surface of the paint. This results in the paint regaining its original sheen and generating a smooth, glossy finish.

Enhanced Resale Value

Paint correction raises the resale value of your vehicle and makes it more appealing to prospective purchasers by removing visible defects and restoring the paint's brightness.

Protection and Preservation

Paint correction not only improves the look of your vehicle but also protects the paint from the effects of the environment, thereby reducing the risk of future damage and increasing the finish's durability.

Showroom-Worthy Finish

Paint correction is a process that achieves a quality that is worthy of display in a showroom. This process also improves the overall appearance of your vehicle, making it look as good as new, or even better, and drawing attention wherever you go.

Our packages

1 step polish/paint enhancement

  • Apply no sling tire dressing
  • Apply paint sealant
  • Clean door jambs/trunk jambs

2 step paint correction/paint enhancement

  • Apply for a high gloss swirl free finish
  • Machine compound/machine polish
  • Apply no sling tire dressing
  • Apply paint sealant
  • Clean door jambs/trunk jambs


While paint correction can reduce the visibility of scratches significantly, its success is dependent on the depth and severity of the scratches. Lighter scratches are more likely to be effectively treated, however deeper ones may necessitate further care.
Paint correction is harmless when performed by qualified specialists. Skilled professionals use precision procedures and specialized equipment to ensure that just a small quantity of clear coat is removed, effectively restoring the paint’s appearance while causing no harm.
The time frame of paint correction is determined by factors such as the size of your car and the degree of flaws. A comprehensive paint correction may take many hours if not a whole day, but the transforming results are well worth the time commitment.

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